Library Builder

The Library Builder will prepare a fasta formatted library from a list of names.
Valid input includes previous PSI-BLAST results, PDB names, and Accession numbers.



ref|NP_395419.1| (NC_003134) hypothetical protein YPMT1.73 [Yers...   163   3e-40
emb|CAA73744.1| (Y13308) endonuclease [Yersinia enterocolitica]       148   1e-35
ref|NP_052524.1| (NC_002122) nuclease [Plasmid ColIb-P9] >gi|451...   146   6e-35
dbj|BAA77997.1| (AB027308) EDTA-resistant nuclease [Plasmid R64]...   145   6e-35
ref|NP_221168.1| (NC_000963) unknown [Rickettsia prowazekii] >gi...   134   1e-31
ref|NP_052444.1| (NC_002120) putative endonuclease Nuc [Yersinia...   134   2e-31

Any accession number from NR, PDB entry, or SISC entry is valid.

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