To view 3D models or structure superpositions calculated by AS2TS system you may need RasMol program installed on your system.

If you don't have RasMol program on your machine, you can download UNIX/LINUX version of the program here (RasMol 2.6.4 by Roger Sayle).

The WINDOWS version of the RasMol program (RasTop) can be downloaded here (RasTop 2.1 By Philippe Valadon).
More information about RasTop can be found at

Browser (Netscape) configuration

The instructions below are for the Netscape for UNIX. For other browsers/platforms this procedure can be slightly different.

You may need to define RasMol as the helper application to handle the files that are sent with the MIME type 'application/x-rasmol'. These files are PDB format files wrapped in some RasMol script code.

To do this:
- go to the helper application menu
- create new helper application RasMol with MIME Type: 'application/x-rasmol'
- as a command line to start the application put the following string:
xterm -name "RasMol" -e /path/on/your/machine/rasmol -script %s >/dev/null 2>&1

Now you should be able to startup RasMol from your browser whenever HTTP server sends you a file of MIME type 'application/x-rasmol'.