Amino-acids Sequence to Tertiary Structure

AS2TS service is designed to facilitate the modeling of tertiary structure (3D model) for a given sequence of amino-acids. Be aware that not for all proteins a correct 3D model can be produced using the current version of the system. Please check HELP for more information about AS2TS service.

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If you have already sequence-structure alignment generated, you can use AL2TS server to build 3D model.

For AS2TS server the sequence of amino-acids should be introduced in FASTA format (see example):

>Protein_name (FASTA format)

If your sequence is a nucleotide (DNA/RNA) sequence, then you need to translate it to the protein sequence first (see ExPASy - Translate tool).

Paste or type your protein sequence (FASTA format) into the box below.

Number of generated models:   ( 1 <= N <= 100 )

Selection of the method for sequence alignment search:
  Pairwise sequence alignment search:   Smith-Waterman    FASTA    BLAST
  Multiple sequence alignment search:   PSI-BLAST,    Number of iterations: ( 2 <= n <= 9 )

Mutation matrix:   BL45    P250    BL50    BL62    BL80    PA70    PA30

Local library for the sequence alignment search:   (PDB, nr, Uniref_100, Uniref_90, Uniref_50, ...)

DIG-SC (deletion/insertion/gap and side-chain) building procedure applied to the top N models:   ( max = 10 )
Note: DIG-SC are time-consuming calculations. For quick (main-chain only) calculations select: 0

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AS2TS - Protein Sequence and Structure services
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