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On the top of Mt. Whitney (07/03/1999)
14,491' (4417 meters)

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Developed systems

Evaluate secondary structure prediction accuracy: SOV measure
Translate sequence - structure alignment (AL) into tertiary structure (TS): AL2TS
Automated protein structure modeling system: AS2TS    AS2TS_MB
Structure Alignment-based Clustering of Proteins : STRALCP
Structure Alignment-based Sequence Variability: STRALSV
Sequence Alignment-based Sequence Variability : SEQALSV
Protein structure predictions evaluation system: ACE
Sequence Identity and Structure Comparison facility: SISC
Protein Structure Comparison Facility: LGA    LGA_list
Elbow Angle Calculation: RBOW

CASP1 - CASP5 projects

Target submission facilities
Prediction submission facilities
Numerical evaluation of submitted predictions
Graphical presentation and Interactive browsers for evaluation results