AS2TS - Model Builder

AS2TS service is designed to generate tertiary structure (3D model) for a given sequence of amino-acids.
Be aware that not for all proteins a correct and complete 3D model can be produced using the current version of the system.

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Example of FASTA formatted sequences of amino acids:


You have two different ways to enter your FASTA formatted sequences:

1. Upload file (instead of plain protein sequence)


2. Paste your protein sequences (FASTA formatted):

Parameters for modeling:


MATRIX:    BL45    P250    BL50    BL62    BL80    PA70    PA30

  Search and modeling level (0 <= S <= 15 - number of AS2TS iterations): 0 - draft (Quicker), 2 - enhanced (Slower)

  F-split: F - maximum length of the sequence fragment for modeling: (30 <= F <= 1100)

  Initial sequence library for PSI-BLAST (PDB, nr, Uniref_100, Uniref_90, Uniref_50, ...)

  Structural template library (PDB, Yeast_3DModels_Rosetta, ...)

Upload additional library for SV processing (optional)

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