Side-Chain placement With a Rotamer Library

The official SCWRL site is accessible here: Dunbrack Lab

Citing SCWRL:
[1] M. Bower, F. E. Cohen, and R. L. Dunbrack, Jr. (1997). "Sidechain prediction from a backbone-dependent rotamer library: A new tool for homology modeling", J. Mol. Biol. 267, 1268-1282.
[2] A. A. Canutescu, A. A. Shelenkov, and R. L. Dunbrack, Jr. (2003). "A graph theory algorithm for protein side-chain prediction", Protein Science 12, 2001-2014.

In order to facilitate the process of side-chain building for models created by AS2TS system we are providing an access to the SCWRL program.

This form allows the submission of the protein structure (model) in PDB format (at least all main chain ATOM coordinates are required) for SCWRL processing.

  (Optional) name of your protein model structure

There are three different ways to enter your protein model structure data for side-chain calculations:

1. Copy and paste your structure data in PDB format into the box below:


2. Include the name of your local file containing structure data:
  Protein Structure file


3. If your structure is a selected PDB chain, then just type its name (e.g. 1wdn_A):
  Name of the PDB chain

Our "SCWRL for AS2TS" system can incorporate to the model residues that are identical in the selected PDB template (STATIC_FRAME), and use SCWRL program to calculate position of side chain atoms for remaining residues only (HELP).

(Optional) User can define a STATIC_FRAME for SCWRL calculations:
  (Optional) name of the template chain from PDB (e.g. 1ggg_A)
  (Optional) upload local file

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