STRALCP - Structure Alignment-based Clustering of Proteins

A. Zemla, B. Geisbrecht, J. Smith, M. Lam, B. Kirkpatrick, M. Wagner, T. Slezak, C.E. Zhou. "STRALCP structure alignment-based clustering of proteins", Nucleic Acids Research, 2007, Vol. 35, No. 22, Pp. e150; doi: 10.1093/nar/gkm1049 [MEDLINE]

This form allows the submission of the list of protein structures from PDB for STRALCP analysis.

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Please make sure that you select PDB chains (and domain ranges) correctly. Otherwise NO RESULTS will be calculated.

PDB_entry has to be in the following format:
   1cpi_A     for PDB entry: 1cpi, chain: 'A'
   1akf       for PDB entry: 1akf, chain: ' '
or specifying NMR MODEL:
   1bve_B_5   for PDB entry: 1bve, chain: 'B', model: 5 
   1rel___4   for PDB entry: 1rel, chain: ' ', model: 4

It is recommended that the structures are split into separate domains.   
For details how to specify ranges in calculated structures please check EXAMPLE and LGA parameters.

OR UPLOAD *.tar.gz file containing set of protein structures for processing (name of your local *.tar.gz file)

NOTE: NO subdirectories within *.tar.gz file!

Examples of STRALCP calculations on selected Folds from SCOP: STRALCP_SCOP

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